Art Information

Vector Art: Any file created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw must be saved in an .eps format with all fonts converted to curves or outlines. Any colors used in the image must be specified as either spot (Pantone/PMS) or by a CMYK breakdown, based on the job requirements. Vector art should contain no placed images.

Four-Color Process: Files supplied for four color process reproduction (CMYK) must be a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of the requested size. The file must be submitted in a CMYK format and saved in either a .tif, .eps, or uncompressed .jpg format. Raw scans and images from a digital camera are RGB and must be converted to CMYK before submitting.

Please note when creating artwork, tints of colors (20% black to represent gray) will not reproduce on some types of products.

Please save all files with the appropriate three digit extension (.eps, .tif), and if using a vector-based application (Corel, Illustrator), a PC-format preview (.tif) as many of our vendors accept PC and Macintosh formatted files.

Preferred File Formats: .EPS (for vector), .TIF, .BMP, .JPG (for four color process)